Improve the technical level of die casting production comprehensively

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In order to improve the level of die-casting technology and pre-employment training for new employees, we decide to share basic knowledge for die casting to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, standardize the behavior of operators, achieve safety and efficiency,high productivity. 
In order to improve the level of die-casting technology and pre-employment training for new employees, we decide to share basic knowledge for die casting to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, standardize the behavior of operators, achieve safety and efficiency,high productivity. 
1. What is die casting?
Answer: Pressure casting referred as die casting, die casting is the use of mold and machine equipment to make metal liquid under pressure rapidly filling cavity, from liquid to solid, forming the desired product process.
2. What types of die casting can be divided into?
Answer: According to different usage,the injection chamber can be divided into hot chamber die casting (zinc alloy used) and cold chamber (Aluminum Alloy used);
According to different size of the pressure,it can be divided into low pressure casting (such as car wheel shell) and pressure casting (such as our company with pressure casting);
Aoccording to  the exhaust way,it can be divided into ordinary and die casting vacuum die casting.
3. What are the die casting alloy materials? What characteristics do they have?
Answer: There are several common materials suitable for die casting ,including zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy. They have the following characteristics: 
(1) The liquid state has better liquidity; 
(2) There are relatively fixed melting point and freezing point; 
(3) Smaller shrinkage; 
(4) Certain high temperature strength; 
(5) Good processability and corrosion resistance.
4.What are the main components of die casting aluminum alloy? What are the impurities?
Answer: The main ingredients of die casting aluminum alloy are aluminum, silicon, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc and so on.
Impurities include iron, zinc, copper, tin, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus and so on.
Its main ingredients and impurities requirements are different when we use different alloy grade.
5.What are the main defects of die casting parts?
Answer: Include undercasting (less than expected), crack, deformation, cold insulation, cold crack, shrinkage, porosity (sand hole), mechanical injury, sticking, stratification, fault mode, slag, surface cavitation, blistering, fleshy, lack of meat etc..
6. What is the temperature of aluminum alloy liquid for die casting?
Answer: 650 ~720 ℃.
7. What are the characteristics of die casting production?
(1) With high productivity, it can realize mechanization or automation production;
(2) Good product quality,with high dimensional precision, high surface finish,good mechanical properties,and interchangeability,clear outline, casting wall thin, complex, patterns, patterns, text, etc.
(3) Economical,with excellent economic indexesand low cost for die casting parts,and can be used as parts combination;
(4) It is not suitable for small batch production due to high cost for die casting equipment and mold.
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Improve the technical level of die casting production comprehensively