Goldiva builds high quality die casting machine and becomes a Chinese equipment boutique enterprise

Goldiva Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd builds high quality die casting machine and becomes a Chinese equipment boutique enterprise.
Goldiva Precision Machinery CO., LTD. is located in the Shunde district, Foshan, Guangdong province. When we enter the company, what we can see is a bright and spacious, clean production workshop of die-casting machine. 
All machines are presented in front of the whole workshop with reasonable planning and material placement uniform. With all kinds of signs at a glance, there is no doubt that 5S is doing very well in production at the whole workshop, which highlights the managers of the craftsmanship and wisdom of management. A lot of details, such as floor marking, package protection, grille fences, visual warehouses......not only reflect the international level of site management, but also reflect the enterprise’s determination and action for strict management to help them build high-quality die casting machine products. 
As an old saying goes, "no good production site, no good product quality. With a lot of curiosity and doubt, we interviewed the general manager of the company: Mr. Li Changman.
As the general manager and the founder of the company, Mr Li  was a senior executive in a famous domestic enterprise die casting machine before. Die casting machine is mainly responsible for the operation and management of business department (production, quality management and improve the work force field "project). In his occupation career manager which is more than 10 years, he has managed the Ube (Wuxi) factory, Hongkong Datong Machinery Group NC Machinery Co. Ltd. With such experiences in Japanese and Hong Kong enterprise, Mr Li carried out a unique set of complete theory and rich practical experience for the company's production, quality and customer service management system.
Among many die-casting machine production enterprises, Goldiva Precision Machinery CO., LTD. is a "hot" and "later" one, but the members of the management team and technical personnel have more than six years work experiences in the field of die casting machine, and some staff have more than 10 years experiences, which is a high starting point. To this end, the company decided to make Goldiva Precision Machinery CO., LTD. as a high-quality products provider to win customers through market promotion, together with a complete team of highly qualified personnel and management of congenital advantage.
Mr. Li  said that the company's strategic positioning is very clear---"focus on, one step ahead." That is, not only focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of cold chamber die casting machine, but also make full use of enterprise management expertise in product development, production and quality management, customer service management services, to a step ahead of our competitors.
He emphasized that it is the highest goal of quality management in the company to avoid the potential same quality problems. The team of technology and quality are committed to collect "industry common problems and products appear in the customer site" continuously, which is recognized as the key to improve the quality. We provide high quality products with the purpose to bring the greatest value to customers and win their trust, which will help us establish a good reputation and industry recognized brands. This is also a concrete manifestation of the "one step ahead" strategy.
In Goldiva’s workshop, there are three eye-catching banners hung on the wall, which are "do not accept the bad products, do not create bad products, do not out of bad products, "which are the Japanese enterprise quality management" 3N principle ". It reflects the quality rules of Goldiva Precision Machinery CO., LTD., and the company's quality code of conduct---every worker is the inspector.
Mr Li  said, the company also established a list of deficiencies and internal standing committee system in order to achieve the operability of the above objectives.
The spreadsheet has recorded all kinds of problems from incoming inspection, assembly and debugging process. We regard the quality problems with objective attitude and must provide solutions within the day. Another method is "internal legislature" system, that we treat the problems from our customers' point of view, let the problems fully exposed, and aim at the existing problems, use "5Why" technique to find the causes and put forward solutions, and solve the problem completely for customers before acceptance. Taking the initiative to verify whether the production site and client site machines have the same problem, we do not let the same quality problems occur by effective analyzing and practical solutions. In the words of Mr. Li Changman, "vertical to the end, horizontal to the edge"".
Mr. Li  said, we established Goldiva with the standard operating procedure (SOP), and set up a number of assemble stopping point. The implementation and confirmation of the "three principle of workshop inspection" and "check, check, check" rules, is the key procedure before we enter the next stage of production.
Besides that, Mr Li added, the company advocates continuous improvement, in order to fully understand and use modern quality management tools. We specially hired Mr. Nagase Kyokazu, Japanese oil general manager  of Southern China research company to do quality management training for our managers and key employees. By learning how Japanese company managers deal with the quality issues of products, we let you further grasp the Dai Minghuan (Deming Cycle), which is also known as PDCA working methods and DMAIC and other improvement techniques.
In addition, Mr. Li  is also proficient in lean production management (LPS). He is a lean management training instructor in the equipment manufacturing industry, which do good to the management of our workshop. Due to the time reason, we interviewed him only from the angle of quality management this time. We hope to make a further appointment, and listen to one or two opinions in another fields.
It is this rigorous work style, diligent work attitude and strict quality management that makes Goldiva’s each die casting machine excellent in quality and highly recognized by customers. The cold chamber die casting machine established a good reputation quickly in the industry. I believe that the future of Goldiva will become more and more promising. 
In the stable domestic market, Mr. Li also cooperates with BFC to jointly develop overseas markets. Mr. Li said that whether it is to enter the domestic market or overseas market, good products can bring value to customers and make us to be more competitive in the industry. Goldiva will continue to develop and manufacture the highest quality die casting machines, and combine with BFC's strong overseas market development capabilities to enter overseas markets, allowing Chinese equipment to compete overseas for global competition.
Goldiva builds high quality die casting machine and becomes a Chinese equipment boutique enterprise