About Goldiva

GOLDIVA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., is abbreviated as " GOLDIVA ", located in the equipment manufacturing industry in Shunde District,Foshan,Guangdong province.
With the world's top R & D team and well-known senior management elites and leaders in die casting industry, the company is committed to solve the common problems in the industry.
With the development of leading design, fine casting machine manufacturing technology, strict quality management system, we focus on advanced technology industries and customer requirements; we follow simple and pure creative thinking rules and continous innovative technology to become the prominent artisan of the die casting industry and offer the appropriate solutions to customers.
General Manager Mr Li
When you enter our plant, a spacious, bright, clean and tidy die-casting machine production workshop is presented. The whole workshop is reasonably planned.Not only the materials are placed neatly and uniformly, but also the various types of labels are clear at a glance. There is no doubt that this is a very good production workshop for 5S work.
Many details, such as ground markings, component packaging protection, grille fences, and visual warehouses... reflect an international level of on-site management,as well as the company's management's determination and actions to create high-quality die-casting machine products. As an old saying goes, "There is no good product quality without good production site." With a lot of curiosity and doubts, we interviewed Mr. Li Changman, the general manager of Goldiva.
6s Wearhouse 
Die casting machines
As the founder and the general manager of Goldiva , Mr. Li Changman have many years work experiences as a senior executive in a famous die-casting machine company in China. He was mainly responsible for the operation management of the die-casting machine division,including production, quality management and project improvement about“field force" . During his  professional managerial career, which is more than 10 years,he has also managed the Japanese Ube (Wuxi) factory and Hong Kong Datong Machinery Group CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., so he obtaines related work experiences for production, quality and after-sales service for Japanese companies and Hong Kong-owned companies. He has a unique and complete theory and rich practical experience.
Among the die-casting machine manufacturers, Goldiva  is a “new” and “late comer”, but the company's management team members and key technicians have more than six years  work experience in die casting machines industry. Some staff have more than 10 years work experience of die casting machine, which is a high starting point.To conclude, Goldiva has a complete high-quality talent team and innate management advantages,which can help the company to achieve it goal-- determined to win customers and promote the market with high-quality products.
Mr. Li  emphasized that the company's strategic positioning is very clear: "concentrate on one point, take a step ahead." The company focus on the development, production, sales and service of cold chamber die casting machines. It can fully utilize the management expertise of Japanese companies  in the product development, production quality management, after-sales service management and other aspects, with the purpose to be one step ahead of the competition among our competitors.
He also emphasized that the highest goal of quality management---never repeat the same quality problems in production. The technical and quality management team collects “common issues of the industry and problems that arise in the customer's site”  continually  and makes it a priority for quality improvement. In order to use high-quality products, It can help  us to  bring the greatest value to our customers and win the trust of them, which do good to establish a good reputation and an industry-recognized brand. This is also a concrete manifestation of the “one step ahead” strategy.
In the workshop of Goldiva, there are three eye-catching banners on the wall: “Do not accept defective products”, “Do not manufacture defective products”, “Do not flow out defective products”. The “3N principle” of quality management of Japanese enterprises reflects the solidity. The quality requirements also reflect the company's code of conduct for “all operators are quality inspectors”.
In order to ensure the operability of above objectives, we have established the "Under Shortcomings List" and "Internal Legislation" system.The "Under Shortcomings List" records all kinds of quality problems that occur during the inspection, assembly and commissioning process, and review the quality problem with a completely objective attitude. The production manager must complete the treatment plan before the day of work.The internal meeting system means that the manager “examines his work from the perspective of the customer”, which can fully exposes the problem.We uses the “5Why” analysis method to find reasons,and then propose a solution. We manage to solve the problem thoroughly before we send them to our customers.We proactively verify if the machines have the same problems both from our production site and customer site, and then we will solve them one by one to avoid the same quality problems ."Let's keep the principle "Vertical to the end, horizontal to the side"",said Mr Li.
The company established a standardized operating procedure (SOP) and set up several assembly stop points. Execute the "three quality control methods in the plant" and "check, check, check" rules, any assembly process must be confirmed at least 3 times to ensure zero problems before entering the next process.
Quality Control 
Quality management members and key staffs
Mr Li added, the company advocates continuous improvement. In order to fully understand and apply modern quality management tools, we specially invited Mr. ChangGuGongHe--general manager of the south china region in Japan YUKEN corporation, to conduct quality management training for the company's management members and key staffs.Through this training, we learned how the managers of Japanese companies view and deal with the quality of products, and let everyone further master the improvement methods of Deming Circle, also known as PDCA working mode and DMAIC.
In addition, Mr. Li  is also proficient in Lean Production Management (LPS) and was a Lean Management Trainer in the equipment manufacturing industry. These have been effectively used in the layout of the workshop.
With such rigorous work style, the attitude of hard work and the strictness of quality control, we ensure the excellent quality of each die casting machine made by Goldiva, which is highly recognized by our customers. Thus,Goldiva established a good reputation in the industry quickly for its GW series cold Chamber die casting machines . I believe that the future of Goldiva will be wider and wider.